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Training and human resources development

Compare to Report 2010

The continuous development of human resources is a priority for the TITAN Group aiming at life-long learning and enhancement of professional skills and competencies that are necessary to anticipate present and future challenges. In 2011, further emphasis was placed by TITAN on training and development programs, expanding the scope and the participation of employees from different hierarchical levels.

Although compared to 2010 the total number of training man-hours declined, approximately 43% of all TITAN long-term training initiatives directed to both direct and indirect employees continued. Moreover, new programs like the “C-Mentors”, the “Step Change” and the “Stakeholder Engagement Development and Training Program” have been launched in different regions with positive outcomes.

More than 3,000 training man-hours were also dedicated to corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues, like human rights and diversity, working conditions and responsible supply chain management. Acknowledging the diverse conditions, culture and experiences in every country, a new training guide and glossary of business terminology, for managers and employees incorporating TITAN’s experience, is currently under development.


2011 Τraining man-hours per employee

Country man-hours per employee
Bulgaria 30.7
Serbia 25.7
Turkey 23
F.Y.R. of Macedonia 19
Albania 19
Egypt 17.5
Greece 17
U.S.A. 12.5
Kosovo -

STEP Program

In pursuit of the corporate value of continuous improvement, the “STEP - Self Training E-learning Program” has been implemented:

This is a flexible and up-to-date one year program adjusted to the fast-moving and technologically advanced contemporary working environment. The e-learning content has been developed by Harvard Business Publishing, a non-profit organization that is fully owned by Harvard Business School, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.

The program’s purpose is to enhance leadership and management skills across all Business Units.  Following a mixed approach, and adopting various learning methods such as case studies, assessment tests and workshops as well as e- learning modules, it allows the development of a learning culture, transferring know-how and fostering the TITAN corporate culture.

STEP Program address the areas of coaching, leadership and emotional intelligence. It provides immediate and constant access to the learning content, through an e-learning platform that is interactive and easy to navigate. It is a flexible developmental program, since participants may study at their own pace, taking personal responsibility for its completion.

Although this program contributes to reducing training costs, since it does not require participants’ physical presence and thus eliminates trave­ling costs, no sacrifice is made in the program’s content and effectiveness.