Stakeholder Engagement


Stakeholders dialogue outcomes and TITAN Group priorities

Compare to Report 2010
Stakeholder groups Key issues - priorities 2011 TITAN activities
Employees and their representatives Health and safety, working conditions,
stability and continuity
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Capacity building training for stakeholder engagement, corporate voluntarism and social solidarity initiatives
  • Living TITAN values, leadership and safety programs
Investors CSR awareness building for investors. Leadership role in local markets. More aggressive climate change targets. Good combination of social and environmental focus
  • “Advanced” performance in communicating progress to stakeholders according to U.N. Global Compact
  • Participation in meetings with Social Responsible Investors, response to feedback received regarding non-financial performance review and communication of environmental and social targets and outcomes
Contractors and Suppliers Safety, working conditions, moving beyond compliance, market conditions
Customers Quality, market conditions,
product sustainability
Communities Environmental and social footprints
Community development and support 
  • Local advisory stakeholder panels operating in Serbia and Kosovo
  • Stakeholder profiling survey in Bulgaria
  • Open plant day for local communities in F.Y.R. of Macedonia
  • Web based emissions report in F.Y.R. of Macedonia and Serbia
  • Stakeholder consultation meetings held in all countries
Governments Focus on national priorities
International Organizations and NGOs
  • Engagement in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Create and share value
  • Support the establishment and the activities of local Global Compact and CSR networks
  • Co-chair WBCSD/CSI
  • Participation in CSR Europe’s collaborative ventures for Enterprise 2020