Corporate Governance


CSR as a Shared Responsibility

CSR Committees are established and operate at national level being responsible for integrating and implementing TITAN Group strategy at local level. Consisting of senior management and experts in safety, the environment and human resources management, CSR Committees also meet three to four times each year, and in some cases every month, to review and assess action plans and performance achieved, as well as to facilitate and initiate further improvements at both local and regional levels.

Building capacity and new skills for further improving engagement with key stakeholders was a key priority addressed in 2010. Accordingly, more than 150 mana­gers from the SEE Region, Greece and Egypt were invited to participate in relevant workshops in 2011.

All CSR Committees have appointed one of their members as a representative to the Group CSR Liaison Delegates Network (LDN) aiming at improving internal communication, sharing and learning from best practice.

Three LDN web-seminars and one meeting were organized in 2011, focusing on better measuring of the social footprint, reporting and verification according to international standards and the new E.U. CSR Announcement, corporate voluntarism, social solidarity and employees’ engagement.