Social performance

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Population growth increases the demand for building materials. Concrete remains the most widely used product after water. Human development is directly linked to the capacity for construction of new hou­ses, buildings, hospitals, schools, highways, and infrastructure in general. The econo­mic crisis has adversely influenced custo­mers of cement and concrete industries and the impacts are visible throughout the value chain in most of the countries where TITAN operates.

TITAN is always focused on meeting customers’ needs and this includes awareness of the growing difficulties and risks in different markets. Customer days and satisfaction surveys are carried out on a regular basis, with the aim of measuring performance and identifying areas for improvement.

Information about product safety and qualitative information is provided to all customers of TITAN products upon delivery, as well as relevant training if necessary. In Research and Development, TITAN continues efforts to develop more environmentally friendly cement materials for specific applications, like the pervious concrete marketed officially in the U.S.A.  Raising awareness of such new products among customers and their clients, as well as training and educating customers, policy makers and opinion leaders, are priorities for our sales and marketing teams.