Social performance

Compare to Report 2010

In the TITAN Group, safety at work has always been a top business priority. The Group’s zero-injury objective, and its ambition to lead the top performers in the building materials industry, have both led TITAN’s continuous pursuit of safety excellence.

There are significant challenges in embedding a culture of safety, not only within the TITAN workforce, but also among third-party contractors and drivers transporting raw materials and products.

Apart from traffic accidents and accidents involving heavy vehicles used in construction, other high-risk activities may be identified within the sphere of TITAN operations: solitary working in quarries, use of explosives and excavation works, high temperatures in production of clinker and chemical processes are all potential safety risks that may lead to an incident during operations, maintenance or other types of activity.

Although the LTI Severity Rate has improved by 6% compared to 2010, after two years free of fatalities, an unfortunate accident resulting in the death of a contractor’s employee occurred at the plant in Kosovo. This fatality, and a serious accident with three LTIs which happened in TITAN’s plant in Albania, have made the whole organization more vigilant. Efforts towards improving the Group’s safety culture in new acquisitions have been intensified, and a road map is already in place to improve their safety performance and increase awareness on accident prevention.