Corporate Governance

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Shareholder relations and the provision of information to shareholders have been assigned to the following departments:

Investor Relations Department
The Investor Relations Department is responsible for monitoring Company relations with its Shareholders and investors, and for ensuring that information is provided to investors and financial analysts in Greece and abroad on an equal footing in good time and that such information is up-to-date. The aim here is to generate long-term relationships with the investment community and retain the high level of trust that investors have in the Group.

The Group Investor Relations Manager is Mr. Takis Canellopoulos, 22a Halkidos St., GR-11143, Athens tel: 0030 210-2591163, fax: 0030 210-2591106, e-mail:

Shareholder Services Department
This Department is responsible for providing immediate, at-arms-length information to shareholders and for facilitating them when exercising the rights granted to them by the law and Articles of Association of the Company.

The Shareholder Services Department and the Corporate Announcements Department are run by Ms. Nitsa Kalesi, 22a Halkidos St., GR‑11143, Athens, tel: 0030 210-2591257, fax: 0030 210-2591238, e-mail:

Corporate Announcements Department
This Department is responsible for communications between the Company and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and the Athens Exchange, Company compliance with the obligations set forth in Laws 3340/2005 and 3556/2007, compliance with the relevant decisions of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and for sending published Company reports to all competent authorities and the media.

The Company’s website address is:

Reuters code: TTNr.AT, TTNm.AT
Bloomberg code: TITK GA, TITP GA.



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