TITAN Group Overview


In 2011 the TITAN Group focused on a process of adjusting its operations to the financial downturn influencing cement sector worldwide. The Group CSR Committee revisited CSR priorities at country and local levels incorporating feedback received from key stakeholders with emphasis given to meet local needs.

Accordingly in 2011, TITAN’s achievements in respect to its social and environmental endeavors can be summarized to the following:

Do less harm

  • On target to improve water management and consumption.
  • New IPPC permits obtained by TITAN in Serbia and in F.Y.R. of Macedonia
  • 360o Safety Reviews and “Step Change” program continued and expanded.
  • Expanding the scope of monitoring improvement, quarries serving the production of aggregates were included in updated performance indicators.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Incorporation of self-assessment process initiated by U.N. Global Compact in respect to Communication on Progress (see Blueprint).
  • Engagement in WBCSD/CSI task forces:
    TF1 – Climate change
    TF3 – Health and Safety
    TF4 – Air emissions
    TF5 – Biodiversity
    TF8 – Sustainability with concrete
    TF9 – Water
  • Development of new opportunities for co-operation among national Global Compact and CSR Networks at regional level.
  • Implementation of innovative management training to improve stakeholder engagement at local level.
  • Publication of 2nd annual CSR Report by TITAN Cement in F.Y.R. of Macedonia
  • Publication of 1st annual CSR Report by TITAN Cement in Serbia.
  • Completion and communication of 1st Stakeholder Mapping and Profiling Survey, in line with AA1000 SES, by TITAN in Bulgaria.
  • Establishment of Local Stakeholder Advisory Panels in Serbia and Kosovo.
  • Co-operation and establishment of CSR Business Network in Kosovo.
  • Participation in Multi-Stakeholder Forum organized by the Albanian Government for the development of a national CSR strategy.
  • Continued engagement in the framework of implementation of CSR Europe’s Enterprise 2020 Initiative and join the collaborative venture for responsible supply chain and human rights.


Global recession, uncertainty and austerity measures in Greece, political challenges in Egypt and a new effort 20 years after Rio to combat climate change in a collective way were among the prevailing issues in 2011