Stakeholder Engagement


Following the annual assessment for 2011, current Group focus is on countries at risk, particularly Greece and Egypt, while priorities are defined as:

  • Care for employees and development of a “social safety net” for people in need within the sphere of our influence.
  • Fully integrate recently acquired ope­rations in Kosovo and joint venture in Turkey in social performance assessment and reporting process.
  • Improve “Social footprint” by engaging with stakeholders and developing relevant systems to measure performance.
  • Continue to invest and expand efforts related to energy and water consumption, climate change and biodiversity.
  • Further develop and promote win-win solutions like in the area of 3R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) through stakeholder engagement and collective action.


Communication with employees and key stakeholders

TitleTypeCountryTarget Group
Annual CSR and Sustainability Report Printed Report All All stakeholders
Total: 1,000
Annual CSR and Sustainability Report Web Report All All stakeholders
Annual CSR Report Printed Report F.Y.R. of Macedonia All stakeholders
Total: 2,000
Annual CSR Report Printed Report Serbia All stakeholders
Total: 2,000
ΤITANS Printed magazine Greece Employees and stakeholders
Total: 3,675
AKHBARNA Printed magazine Egypt Employees
Total: 800
TCK Novosti Printed newsletter Serbia Employees and stakeholders
Total: 900
ST issue Web based newsletter U.S.A. (GR) Stakeholders
Total: 600
ΤΙΤΑΝΕΤ Web based newsletter Group Technical staff and managers
Total: 650
HR Review Web based newsletter Group HR staff – Group wide
Total: 100