Social performance

Compare to Report 2010

TITAN keeps its investors systematically updated on its economic, environmental and social performance. Specifically, TITAN responds to all socially responsible investors’ queries regarding special criteria applied in decision making. In this context, TITAN, with other companies in the cement industry, was assessed by Triodos Bank, using Triodos’ specific ESG criteria, and ranked first out of 14 companies in the analysis, according to which:

  • TITAN’s reporting on ESG issues is comprehensive and relatively transparent.
  • On governance, the company is a member of WBCSD/CSI, a U.N. Global Compact signatory and has a CSR committee responsible for ESG issues.
  • On social issues, TITAN was found to have strong programs for Health and Safety in the workplace. Its Code for Procurement includes social and labor standards within the supply chain. Its labor policies are based on the ILO core principles.
  • On the environment, TITAN has an extensive policy and management system, disclosing detailed data on its dust, Nox, Sox and GHG emissions and implementing programs to reduce them. TITAN also developed a more environmental friendly cement for the construction of a major dam in F.Y.R. of Macedonia