Social performance


Human rights and equal opportunities

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TITAN supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is committed to the protection of fundamental human rights within its sphere of influence as proclaimed by the U.N. Global Compact. Taking the view that such issues may be of importance in different areas, TITAN has fully incorporated, since 2007, human rights issues in materiality workshops organized every year. Today, all TITAN operations have participated in this process, apart from activities in Turkey, where it is scheduled for 2013.

The Group CSR Committee examines the outcomes of this systematic effort each year and underlines areas for further action and improvement. Feedback is provided to CSR Committees for review and relevant decisions. The likelihood of human rights abuses in the sphere of TITAN’s influence has been ranked moderate as the risk represented for TITAN is low to medium level depending on the country. However, additional efforts are made to assess such risks by asking feedback directly from stakeholders and particularly employees, contractors’ employees and local communities, as well as by reviewing country risk assessment reports provided by well respected institutions.

Health, safety and risks related to working conditions have been identified as the most relevant risks for the Group’s indirect employees. Security, health and safety are major risks identified in Egypt for both direct and indirect employees, given the remaining political uncertainty extending into a second consecutive year. Respect for human rights is reflected and incorporated in Group Health and Safety Policy, applying equally to direct and indirect employees. Moreover, respect for human rights is expressed through practices that facilitate employee representation, communication and active involvement in TITAN endeavors and achievements.

To facilitate understanding of TITAN standards and principles, human rights, as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, are included in the CSR training agenda for managers and all new recruits. Moreover, Values and Code of Conduct seminars are regularly run for all employees and encourage employee engagement in an effort to achieve ongoing improvement.