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Managing in the Global Macroeconomic Environment

Within the dynamic and continuously evolving global macroeconomic environment, managers need to find ways to lead their companies by successfully utilizing resources in order to take advantage of opportunities and deal effectively with potential threats. Within this context, a four-day training program titled “Managing in the Global Macroeconomic Environment” was implemented in Greece, in cooperation with the Athens Laboratory of Business Administration (ALBA), with the participation of 30 employees from across the Group’s operations. This developmental program consisted of two parts: the first part studied, among other topics, the operation of the aggregate economy and the determination of GDP, unemployment, inflation, interest rates, economic policy, budget deficit and public debt. The second part focused on the challenges that the dynamically evolving global macroeconomic environment poses to executives of multinational corporations. This training program also included a team project involving the expansion of TITAN into new markets and a macroeconomic analysis of this market.