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The Post-Graduate Students’ Forum is a collaborative initiative designed to connect business with the academic community and future leaders. Fostering direct communication and the exchange of views between post-graduate students and representatives of the academic and business community, the Forum is also a unique opportunity for students to visit a heavy-duty production plant, as the Forum is hosted at one of TITAN’s cement production facilities.

The event is an expression of the Group’s corporate social responsibility policy and was first launched in 2002, to mark the Company’s centenary. It has been hosted at the Company’s plants in Kamari, Biotia, and Efkarpia, Thessaloniki, twice a year.

The program has been running successfully over the past nine years and a total of 2,400 students from 20 different post-graduate programs in universities in Athens and Thessaloniki have participated.

More than 300 students took an active part in the two last events, which were held in Athens and Thessaloniki. This year, for the first time, the students were given the opportunity to take part in a two-hour vocational orientation program. The program demonstrated a technique which could be used as a tool for personal empowerment, assisting students to fully attain their individual and professional goals.