Focus by Country


Responding to stakeholders’ expectations as expressed in the occasion of first Stakeholders’ Communication Day organized in 2010, TITAN took the initiative to invite all stakeholders in a company Open Day in September 2011. More than 900 people, employees and their families, citizens from neighboring communities, suppliers and customers, as well as representatives of organizations and authorities visited the cement plant and had the opportunity to take a guided tour around the different production departments, so as to understand the processes and methods used for production, health and safety, environmental protection and all other issues related to TITAN commitments, standards and performance at local level.

Governmental authorities like the Minister of the Environment and Physical Planning, the General Secretary of the same Ministry, as well as the Mayor of Kisela Voda, have also joined this event, together with 25 media representatives.

The Open Day was considered by all as an excellent opportunity to strengthen links and communication between the employees and their families on one side and the community and other key stakeholders on the other.

Feedback was requested by all and more than 50% responded with completing relevant questionnaires. The outcomes of this evaluation underlined the success of the event as 95% of the visitors were fully satisfied with the event, 87% believed they had significantly increased their know­ledge of TITAN operations and performance and 93% expressed the need to make such efforts more regular.