Focus by Country


In 2011, TITAN Zlatna Panega Cement launched a joint project with the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) aimed at developing and promoting environmental educational toolkits in public schools.

The partnership between REC and TITAN was focused on the Lovech region, where the company operates in Bulgaria. The project included publishing of material and implementation of an educational program based on the relevant material.

The toolkits developed in this framework cover 22 topics related to environmental protection, climate change and biodiversity, and are designed for pupils in grades 5 to 12. The Lovech region has a total of 30 schools and the target groups for the training include not only pupils of average age 7-18 but also teachers and trainers.

Implementation of the environmental educational program, developed by REC and supported by Zlatna Panega Cement, will give new opportunities for the teachers and students to study topics related to climate change and biodiversity conservation and will provide demonstration, training modules and practical methods for energy efficiency and conservation of significant biodiversity at the local level. The program promotes practical approaches related to education for sustainable development in schools.